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Pipeline Construction Division

We specialize in the construction of water lines, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, conduit and distribution systems.
Pipeline Construction

We can handle everything from 1 3/4" diameter missile borings through to 48" diameter auger bores.

Our employees are "Operator Qualified" (OQ) and certified for fusion, mechanical and Stab fittings.

Installation of taps in existing or new water lines for services, main extensions and interconnections.

Sizes available for live taps range from 3/4 inch service taps to 12 inch main taps.
Live tap


Before Hard Hats!
Laurel Management was formed in 1964 to operate the system of the Greater Johnstown Water Authority. Prior to that Bethlehem Steel had owned the city's water system, and many of the employees who came to Laurel had already been running the water system for decades.
River Crossing
We have years of experience in very difficult construction environments including railroad crossings, river crossings and congested urban areas.

Pipeline   Pipe repair
Installation, maintenance and repair of water, sewer and gas lines of various sizes

40 years of experience in maintaining a 14 mile long, 66 inch diameter riveted steel main.
66 inch riveted main   Underground boring
We perform our own underground boring, and our equipment can bore holes up to 48 inches in diameter.

Butt and saddle fusion of plastic lines from 1 1/4 inch through 8 inch, using Butt and Combination Fusion machines.

These are capable of joining pipes with a strong and permanent bond.

A Centerline Guidance System assures joint reliability and consistent joint quality.
Fusion Services

After working for decades in the pipeline construction industry, we have developed an expertise in the following areas:

Installations involving steel, cast iron, ductile iron, PVC, concrete and cement asbestos pipe.
Pipe installations up to 48" in diameter.
Pipe repairs up to 66" in diameter.
Pipeline locating, tracing, thawing and leak detecting.
Live taps up to 12" in diameter.
Service line installation from 3/4" to 16" in diameter.
Large pump installation and repair.
Fire hydrant installation, maintenance and testing.
Mass meter and backflow prevention installations.
Control valve installation and repair.
Confined space work.
Large pressure reducing valve installation and repair.

Some of the credentials earned by our full-time staff include:

Certified Welders
Master Plumbers
Certified Gas Line Fusers
Professional Engineer
Certified Public Accountant

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