Since 1964

As an authorized Regal dealer,  we sell, install and service Regal Gas chlorinators and related equipment.

The chlorinator mounts directly on the cylinder, which is a major safety factor. From the moment chlorine gas leaves the cylinder until it enters the water, it only comes in contact with highly advanced, corrosion-resistant materials. When a REGAL is directly mounted on a cylinder there are no pressure lines. Should anything happen to cause a break in any part of the system, the vacuum will be lost. With no vacuum, the spring on the inlet safety valve snaps the valve shut, stopping the gas supply immediately and automatically.
The REGAL system does not operate under pressure from the chlorine gas cylinder. Instead, water being forced through the ejector nozzle creates a vacuum. The vacuum pulls on an extremely tough and resilient diaphragm which pushes open a spring-loaded inlet safety shut-off valve. The vacuum draws the gas from the cylinder, through the regulator, into high strength vacuum tubing, and into the ejector where it is diffused into the water being treated. The all-vacuum REGALsystem makes gas chlorination very safe.

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