Since 1964

Manhole Frame and Cover Replacement 1
  • Manhole Frame and Cover Replacement

    A finished frame and cover replacement, flush with the surface with the integrity of solid concrete.

Barrel and Chimney Repair 2
  • Barrel and Chimney Repair

    We are is experienced in repairing all shapes and sizes of deteriorating brick, corrugated metal pipe and concrete manholes.

    Due to the limitations of their equipment, most manhole rehabilitation companies can work a maximum distance of about 200 feet away from the street. Our specialized equipment gives us the ability to work virtually anywhere.

Manhole Vacuum Testing 3
  • Manhole Vacuum Testing

    New and rehabilitated manholes tested for tightness.

manholeThe Gold Series Six Shooter is the latest in manhole repair technology.  Uniquely designed to cut out manhole frames using a round cut instead of square, the Six Shooter makes manhole removal and repair easier, faster, and safer for construction crews.